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10 Short Motivational Quotes PPT

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30 Winners Traits. How Many of Them Do You Have?

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30 Successful Traits that Winners Exhibit

Are you a winner? Wake up and give everything to chase your dream. Lead, inspire and put a smile on faces around you. The world is waiting to cheer for you. Learn what it takes to be a winner.

1. Winners have a dream. Losers have a day dream.
Dreams are powerful thoughts that work even when you sleep. The stronger your belief, the further you go. Martin Luther King had a dream. Mahatma Gandhi had a dream.

Do you have one?

2. Winners are loved. Losers are hated.
The charisma and charm of winners has to be felt, to be understood. Their intensity sucks you in. Their passion rubs off on others. They make you feel you should be like them. Winners and their admirers share a dream. That's why they are loved.

3. Winners believe in themselves. Losers have no self belief.
Winners look for strength inwards. They back themselves fully. They know they have to do it. There's no turning back.

4. Winners take responsibility. Losers pass the buck.
When they win, they generously praise all those who contributed. When they lose, they stand up and say it's their entire fault. Generals accept defeat in war and never blame the soldiers.

5. Winners have a positive attitude. Losers are drowned by negativity.
Always look at what's doable. Begin with no fears or negative thoughts. Be ready to take a few jabs. Starting positive is half way to victory.

6. Winners never back down. Losers fail to stand up.
Thomas Alva Edison had 8000 failures before he invented the electric bulb. Mountaineers assaulted Mount Everest for thousands of years and failed, but Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay never gave up.

If you give up, you lose your dream. You lose everything.

Winners make commitments. Losers make excuses.
They have tremendous courage to declare their commitments. They know it comes with a lot of responsibility. Winners are ready to make sacrifices to make it work. They are aware that there's no going back.

That's why they succeed.

7. Winners take risks. Losers grapple with uncertainty.
Albur and Wilbur Wright couldn't have flown a plane sitting inside their home. Neil Armstrong risked his life flying into unknown territory. Sportsmen risk injuries, scientists failures, celebrities reputation and firemen their lives. With risk comes responsibility and rewards.

Remember, the winner takes it all.

8. Winners are humble. Losers display an exaggerated sense of importance.
When you meet winners you wonder if all their successes are true. Because they are more human then you expect. Cultivate humility.

9. Winners lead the way. Losers fall by the wayside.
Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Bin, Mark Zuckerberg like to lead the world in whatever they do. The passionate belief in their work creates a tribe around them. A tribe that believes in the same philosophy, the same idea.

Where's your tribe?

10. Winners know no fear. Losers battle fears in their mind.
Winners don't think about inadequacies. They derive strength from the excitement of doing things. They don't worry about failures. They do not think about success either. They only dream about the journey.

They want to do something remarkable.

Best Never Give Quotes for Mondays

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12 Powerful ways to Use Linkedin for Business

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Wanted! A New Shaving Blade Product in India

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Last weekend I felt lazy to shave at home and so trudged to the nearest salon. The barber put the towel over me, scrubbed my face, gave my cheek a few spanks and proceeded to take a blade and snap it into two, before sliding one half into his razor.

He proceeded to work on my beard. In 15 minutes he was done.

As I went through this, a thought dawned on me. Why didn't Gillette, Super Max, Malhotra & Sons or Glide launch a single half blade pack of 20 0r 50 for salons.

You know what I mean, a single half piece that neatly fits into his razor.

There are few reasons here. Of course, convenience for barbers no doubt.



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